Employee Surveys

Did you know that 85% of employees consider traditional survey approaches a waste of time because they fail to make a difference?

Whilst some surveys are better than others, the real problem lies with the post-survey process. Our surveys and associated tools do more than just capture feedback, they also help organisations action change ... Learn More

Business Improvement

Over the past two decades COI has continued to build a world-class set of application specific business improvement tools.

Our tools help support CEOs, HR Directors, CIOs, CFOs, Sales Directors and Team Managers at all levels handle difficult issues – sales growth, leadership, restructures, acquisitions ... Learn More

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[OEP] contains what I believe to be the most practical survey… plus it focuses on what happens with the survey… to drive change and improvement (the most important part of the survey)

Michael Smith (Multiple Directorships)

The process has enabled us to gain valuable insights into our organisation and as a result, we are able to reach out and address the issues raised in a constructive and focused way…

Talent 2

We found the COI Group to be very professional to deal with and we found their tools extremely valuable…

Newcastle Airport

A powerful, successful, end-­to­‐end employee survey solution…


…a powerful and invaluable software driven process for any organisation that is interested in performing at its best…

7 Eleven Stores

Through the online analysis tool, we could drill down into the individual questions, we could sit with our teams and discuss their answers and listen to their concerns directly.

Relationships Australia

… one of the reasons the COI Profiling software has been successful is that it has been integrated into normal business processes. The process assists with implementing change through a bottom-up approach.

Department of Defence

The structure and discipline within the system provides for analysis of the underpinning drivers… which provide considerable advantage and underpins momentum.

Commonwealth Bank

This end-­‐to-­‐end solution is unique to OEP and is why OEP is the employee opinion survey approach of choice – it actually does enable us to deliver real change.

Sydney Airport

We now have an action plan for each of the five offices and we are going through the really consultative process of getting everyone in the organisation on board to work towards being the best in all of the three ways the OEP measures…

The ISIS Foundation

The top down, bottom up COI process and supporting profiling software continues to be a powerful (and in our experience, unique) process for helping build and maintain the highest levels of organisational performance…

Toyota Financial Services

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Developing great leaders

We are passionate about turning aspiring leaders into inspiring leaders. Managers, Team Leaders, Executives and even CEOs can all fail if they don't have the right tools at their hands. Identifying barriers to success, building strategic plans and executing these strategies can be a confusing process. Do you have the tools your leaders need to succeed?

What are staff thinking?

Our survey solutions help you discover what staff are really thinking. Don't just ask about engagement and company culture. The issues that effect how engaged an employee is can run far deeper. Find a survey tool that identifies the real challenges faced by employees on a day-to-day basis.

Building industry leadership

All companies are aspiring to be number one in their fields but not everyone can get there. On average companies only stay in their number one slot for seven years and have to fight that whole time to stay there. Building key strategic initiatives and keeping them on track is crucial to the ongoing success of a business.